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One word to describe the Class of 2021 is resilient. The 2020-21 school year was an unprecedented year with a global pandemic impacting our participants’ personal and professional lives. Participants demonstrated initiative in creating opportunities to connect with their local in a virtual environment. Despite any challenges participants may have faced throughout the year, many of our participants achieved their goals to build relationships, expand on their knowledge of the locals and CTA, and building and supporting structures to strengthen their locals. The EMEID Workgroup appreciates the time and effort participants, Board, and CTA Staff coaches invested in meeting goals and objectives in an extraordinary year.

EMEID Class of 2019-2020

CTA’s EMEID Program: Biggest. Class. Ever.

EMEID Class of 2017-2018

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Increasing Diversity, Centering Voices

In many local chapters of the CTA, there is a significant lack of diversity within leadership roles. 

Even though there has been a steady increase in CTA members of color (reflecting California’s demographics), the number of leaders of color remains low. White women have been particularly successful in transitioning to leadership or staff roles at CTA, but it takes women of color longer to get there, if at all. Men of color have experienced similar struggles entering leadership roles, and are also diminishing in numbers in our classrooms.

EMEID was established as a systematic approach to sustain and increase the number of educators of color in leadership roles in CTA and its affiliates.