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Representation Matters

The Racial Equity Affairs Committee (REAC) monitors representation of ethnic minority within CTA and provides ethnic minority input on CTA membership programs and policies. 

REAC makes recommendations to the CTA Board of Directors and works at having an Association that is balanced, all-inclusive and equity-minded – with the overall goal of addressing the needs of California’s diverse student population. 

REAC is composed of representatives from the following caucuses: American Indian/Alaska Native, African American, Hispanic, Pacific Asian American.


REAC Goals 

  1. Promote ethnic minority participation in all areas of CTA leadership;
  2. Monitor ethnic minority representation within the Association as set forth in the governing documents;
  3. Provide ethnic minority input on CTA membership programs and policies;
  4. Make specific recommendations to the Board for continuing ethnic minority input into the Association;
  5. Work toward an inclusive Association that involves and empowers its equity-minded members; and
  6. Advise the Board in addressing the needs of California’s ethnically diverse student population.


REAC Activities 

  • Holding annual Service Center Council Equity Team Trainings and hosting SCC Equity Team Breakfasts at the Equity and Human Rights Conference 
  • Meeting prior to State Council meetings and hosting REAC Receptions at Council 
  • Conducting Annual Forums Presenting “Involvement for All” workshops at CTA’s Equity and Human Rights, Issues, Leadership and Presidents Conferences 
  • Meeting with the CTA Executive Officers twice a year (Executive Officer’s Circle) 
  • Presenting Biennial Reports to the CTA Board Directors 
  • Monitoring CTA’s 3-1(g) plan to increase the participation of people of color

Takeover Tuesday for Social Justice | Making Black Lives Matter in School – Video File Download

Communicating With Your Local REAC Committee Member 

Your REAC Committee member is there for you!

African American Caucus

Region 1
VanCedric Williams


Region 3
Temisha Brame Carter 

American Indian/Alaska Native Caucus

Region 2

Naqiba Gregory

Christine Roeschlau

Region 3
Mary Levi, Caucus Chair

Hispanic Caucus

Region 1

Alberto Nodal, Caucus Chair

Region 3
David Cuestas

Region 4
Erika Zamora

Pacific Asian American Caucus

Region 1

Jayson Chang

Angela Der Ramos

Region 3
Ken Tang, Caucus Chair

CTA Board Liaisons

Region 1
Robert Ellis 

Region 3
Telly Tse

CTA Staff

Monica Thammarath, Co-Consultant

David Hernandez, Co-Consultant

Quinnetta Gill, Staff Support

Annabel Roque, Staff Support 

Additional Resources

One of REAC’s goals is to work toward an inclusive CTA  that involves and empowers its equity-minded members and overall racial equity. Check out our additional resources, including Core Training Resources and SCC Equity Team Resources.

Member-Only Documents

2019 REAC Biennial Report – Status report to the CTA Board on its goals and activities
2020-2021 SCC Equity Team Contact Info
2019-2020 3-1(g) Report – Status report to NEA regarding ethnic minority representation at the NEA RA