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Leading the way to improve learning and teaching conditions 

Angela Normand’s career in public education was preceded by ten years of service to our nation in the United States Marine Corps. Her experiences in the field, in the classroom, and in leadership have well-prepared her for her role as a newly elected CTA Governing Board Member for District C, serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. 

After a decade in the Marine Corps, it was Ms. Normand’s determination to pursue a career as an educator. Initially she had signed up for the Department of Defense and Education’s Troops to Teachers; however, due to changes post-9/11, she was encouraged to obtain a traditional teaching credential. She graduated from California State University, Hayward. 

Since becoming a full-time Special Education educator, Normand has served and has been honored in both local and statewide leadership roles. Since 2010, she has received recognition as Teacher of the Year at Adams Middle School. 

She has also participated and trained in CTA’s Ethnic Minority Early Identification and Development leadership program. Normand was elected to leadership in Brentwood Teachers Association as a Site Representative, Vice President, and NEA Representative. Her focus has included human rights advocacy – serving locally as a contact for LGBTQ+ and Women’s Rights issues. 

Normand is a dedicated statewide leader and innovator who has also served as the minority-at-large rep for Alcosta Service Center. Her attention to detail has been an asset while serving as a member of several Region I planning committees. 

Angela Normand is serving her first three-year term on the Board, which expires on June 25, 2022. 

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