Social Media Directory

A listing of CTA-affiliated, active social media platforms. In order to appear on this directory, chapters must be posting *at least* one time monthly. Need changes or additions? E-mail


   Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other 
California Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram   YouTube storify
CTA Institute For Teaching (IFT)   Facebook icon   Twitter    
CTA Instruction & Professional Development (IPD)    Twitter    Pinterest  
CTA Special Ed     Twitter    
CTA NBCT    Twitter    
Student CTA  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
American River College Chapter   Facebook icon      
Chaffey College Chapter   Facebook icon      
CSU Chico Chapter   Facebook icon      
CSU Fresno Chapter   Facebook icon      
CSU Fullerton Chapter     Facebook icon      
CSU Humboldt Chapter   Facebook icon      
CSU Monterey Bay Chapter   Facebook icon  Twitter    
CSU Sacramento Chapter   Facebook icon      
CSU San Bernardino Chapter  Facebook icon      
CSU Stanislaus Chapter  Facebook icon      
Santiago Canyon College   
UC Davis Chapter   Facebook icon      
CTA/NEA Retired   Facebook icon      
Alcosta Retired Chapter   Facebook icon      
Delta Retired Chapter   Facebook icon      
Farmersville Retired Teachers & Employees
 Facebook icon      
Northbay Retired Chapter   Facebook icon      
San Diego Retired Chapter  Facebook icon      
Stanislaus Retired Chapter
 Facebook icon       
Resource & Service Centers        
Alcosta Service Center   Facebook icon      
CTA Berryessa   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Imperial County Teachers UniServ
 Facebook icon      
Merced Mariposa Teachers UniServ Council
 Facebook icon      
CTA Natomas Regional Resource Center
 Facebook icon      
Santa Clara County Service Center    Facebook icon      
San Gorgonio Service Center Council
 Facebook icon    Instagram  
CTA Sierra Service Center
 Facebook icon      
CTA Service Center One
 Facebook icon      

Local Chapters



Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Adelanto District Teachers' Association                      Facebook icon  Twitter    
Anaheim Elementary Education Association  Facebook icon      
Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association  
Alameda Education Association  Facebook icon  
Alhambra Teachers Association  Facebook icon  
Alisal Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Alum Rock Education Association  Facebook icon  
Animo Classified Employees Association    Twitter    
Antioch Education Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Apple Valley Unified Teachers Association      Instagram  
Arvin Teachers Association  Facebook icon  
Associated Calexico Teachers  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Associated Chaffey Teachers  Facebook icon  
Associated Chino Teachers  Facebook icon  
Associated Teachers of Pixley  Facebook icon  
Associated Pomona Teachers  Facebook icon  
Association of Rowland Educators  Facebook icon  Twitter    YouTube  Pinterest
Atascadero District Teachers Association  Facebook icon  
Azusa Educators Association  Facebook icon  


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Bakersfield Elementary Teachers Association            Facebook icon  Twitter    Pinterest
Beaumont Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Bellevue Education Association  Facebook icon      
Bellflower Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Benicia Teachers Association   Facebook icon  
Beverly Hills Education Association   Facebook icon Facebook icon  Twitter    
Black Oak Mine Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Brawley Elementary Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Brea-Olinda Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Brentwood Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Buckeye Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Burbank Teachers Association   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Burton Elementary Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Butte County Teachers Association  Facebook icon  

Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Cajon Valley Education Association                           Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  Pinterest
Calipatria Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Campbell High School Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Capistrano Unified Education Association   Facebook icon      
Carlsbad Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Castro Valley Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Chico Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Chula Vista Education Association  Facebook icon      
Coachella Valley Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Corono Norco Teachers Association    Twitter    
Cupertino Education Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Del Mar California Teachers Association                   Facebook icon      
Desert Sands Teachers Association   Facebook icon Facebook icon  Twitter    
Dixie Teachers Association   Facebook icon
Dos Palos Oro Loma Teachers Association     Twitter
Downey Education Association   Facebook icon      
Duarte Unified Education Association  Facebook icon      
Dublin Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Durham Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon      


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Eastside Teachers Association                                    Facebook icon  Twitter    
East Whittier Education Association  Facebook icon      
El Segundo Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Elk Grove Education Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    Pinterest
Escondido Elementary Educators Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Eureka Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Evergreen Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter     


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Fairfield Suisun Unified Teachers Association           Facebook icon  Twitter    
Fallbrook Elementary Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Folsom Cordova Education Association  Facebook icon      
Fresno Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Fullerton Secondary Teachers Organization  Facebook icon      


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Garden Grove Education Association                         Facebook icon      
Garvey Education Association   Facebook icon      
Gateway Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Glendale Teachers United  Facebook icon      
Gilroy Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Greenfield Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Grossmont Education Association  Facebook icon       


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Hacienda La Puente Teachers Association                 Facebook icon      
Hanford Secondary Elementary Association     Twitter
Hart District Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Hemet Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Hesperia Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Hillsborough Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Hollister Elementary School Teachers  Facebook icon      
Hueneme Education Association  Facebook icon      
Huntington Beach Union HS District Educators Assoc.   Facebook icon


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Inglewood Teachers Association                                Facebook icon      
Irvine Teachers Association  Facebook icon   Twitter


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Keppel Union Teachers Association                           Facebook icon      
Kerman Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Kern County Education Association  Facebook icon      
Kern High School Teachers Association  Facebook icon  


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
La Canada Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Lake Elsinore Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Lakeport Unified Classified Employees Association  Facebook icon      
Lakeside Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Laguna Salada Education Association  Facebook icon      
Las Virgenes Educators Association    Twitter    
Lemore Elementary Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Lennox Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Lincoln Unified Teachers  Facebook icon      
Little Lake Education Association  Facebook icon      
Live Oak Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Lodi Education Association  Facebook icon Facebook icon  Twitter    
Los Altos Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Los Baños Public Elementary School Teachers' Association  Facebook icon  Twitter
Los Gatos Saratoga Joint Union High School District         
Lucia Mar Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon      

Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Madera Unified Teachers Association                                       Twitter    
Magnolia Educators Association  Facebook icon  
Manteca Educators Association  Facebook icon      
Manzanita Teachers Support  Facebook icon      
Marysville Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Modesto Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Mojave Faculty Association  Facebook icon      
Montebello Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Monterey Bay Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Moreno Valley Educators Association  Facebook icon Facebook icon  Twitter    
Mt. Diablo Education Association  Facebook icon      
Mount Pleasant Education Association  Facebook icon      
Mountain View Educators Association  Facebook icon      
Murrieta Teachers Association  Facebook icon Facebook icon      


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Napa Valley Educators Association                                          Facebook icon      
Newhall Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
New Haven Teachers Association  Facebook icon      


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Oak Grove Educators Association                                            Facebook icon Facebook icon      
Oakdale Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Oakland Education Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Oakley Union Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Oceanside Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Orange Unified Education Association  Facebook icon      
Ontario-Montclair Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Oroville Elementary Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Oxnard Educators Association  Facebook icon       


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Palmdale Elementary Teachers' Association                             Facebook icon      
Palm Springs Teachers Association   Facebook icon  
Palo Alto Educators Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Palo Verde Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Perris Elementary Educators Association  Facebook icon      
Perris Secondary Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Pleasant Valley Education Association   Facebook icon      
Plumas County Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Porterville Educators Association   Facebook icon      


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Ramona Teachers Association                                                   Facebook icon      
Ravenswood Teachers Association     Twitter    
Redding Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Redlands Education Support Professionals Association  Facebook icon      
Redlands Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Redwood City Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Rialto Education Association    Facebook icon      
Richland Teachers' Association   Facebook icon      
Rincon Valley Union Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Riverbank Teachers Association   Facebook icon       
Riverdale Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Rocklin Teachers Association   Facebook icon  Twitter
Romoland Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Roseville Teachers Association   Facebook icon      


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Sacramento City Teachers Association                                      Facebook icon  Twitter    
Saddleback Valley Educators Association   Facebook icon      
Salinas Elementary Teachers' Council   Facebook icon      
San Bernardino Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
San Diego Education Association   Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
San Gabriel Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
San Jacinto Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
San Joaquin County Educators Association     Twitter    
San José Teachers Association   Facebook icon   Twitter     
San Lorenzo Education Association  Facebook icon      
San Marcos Educators Association   Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
San Mateo Elementary Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
San Ramon Valley Education Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
San Ysidro Education Association   Facebook icon      
Santa Ana Educators Association   Facebook icon      
Santa Barbara Teachers Association     Twitter    
Santa Maria Elementary Education Association   Facebook icon      
Santa Monica-Malibu Classroom Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Santa Rita Teachers Association  Facebook icon Facebook icon      
Santee Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Santa Rosa Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Sequoia Union Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Silver Valley Education Association   Facebook icon      
Simi Educators Association   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Soledad Teacher's Association   Facebook icon      
Sonoma County Educators Council   Facebook icon      
Snowline Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
South Bay United Teachers  Facebook icon       
Southwest Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Standard Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Stockton Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Sunnyside Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Sunnyvale Education Association  Facebook icon      
Sweetwater Education Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    
Sylvan Educators Association  Facebook icon       


Chapter Name Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Tahoe Truckee Education Association                                       Facebook icon  Twitter    
Teachers Association of Lancaster   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Teachers Association of Long Beach   Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Teachers Association of Paradise  Facebook icon      
Teachers Association of Paramount   Facebook icon      
Teachers Association of West Covina   Facebook icon      
Temecula Valley Educators Association  Facebook icon      
Torrance Teachers Association   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Tracy Educators Association   Facebook icon  
Travis Unified Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Turlock Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Tulare High School Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Tustin Educators Association  Facebook icon      
Twin Rivers United Educators  Facebook icon Facebook icon      


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Unified Association of Conejo Teachers                               Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram   YouTube
United Educators of San Francisco   Facebook icon  Twitter    
United Teachers of Pasadena  Facebook icon      
United Teachers of Richmond  Facebook icon      
United Teachers of Santa Clara   Facebook icon      
United Teachers of Los Angeles  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Upland Teachers Association  Facebook icon      


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Vacaville Teachers Association                                                   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Val Verde Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Vallejo Education Association  Facebook icon  Twitter  Instagram  
Valley of the Moon Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Ventura Education Support Professionals Association   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Victor Valley Teachers Association  Facebook icon Facebook icon  Twitter    
Vineland Teachers' Association   Facebook icon      
Visalia Unified Teachers Association   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Vista Teachers Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram   Other
Washington Colony Teachers Association                                 Facebook icon      
Washington Teachers Association  Facebook icon       
Whittier Elementary Teachers Association   Facebook icon      
Windsor District Education Association  Facebook icon       


Chapter Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Yosemite Unified Teachers Association                                     Facebook icon      
Yuba City Teachers Association  Facebook icon      
Yucaipa-Calimesa Educators Association  Facebook icon      

Statewide Affiliates

Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
California Faculty Association  Facebook icon  Twitter    YouTube
CFA San Francisco State University Chapter                             Facebook icon      

Name  Facebook    Twitter    Instagram    Other
Community College Association   Facebook icon  Twitter    
Chaffey College Faculty Association                                          Facebook icon  Twitter    
Citrus College Faculty Association  Facebook icon      
Claremont Faculty Association   Facebook icon      
Hartnell College Faculty Association  Facebook icon      
Merced College Faculty Association   Facebook icon      
MiraCosta College Academic Associate Faculty    Facebook icon      
Mt. San Antonio College Faculty Association   Facebook icon      
Mt. San Jacinto College Faculty Association  Facebook icon      
Faculty Association of the Rancho Santiago CC District  Facebook icon      
Rio Hondo College Faculty Association   Facebook icon      
San Joaquin Delta College Teachers' Association   Facebook icon      
Shasta College Faculty Association  Facebook icon      
Springville Faculty Association  Facebook icon      

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