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What is Kids Not Profits?

Kids Not Profits calls for more accountability and transparency of California charter schools and exposes the coordinated agenda by a group of billionaires to divert money from California’s neighborhood public schools to privately-managed charter schools. These same billionaires are spending record amounts of money to influence local legislative and school board elections across the state.

Together with parents, fellow educators, and civil rights and community groups, the California Teachers Association has been advocating for accountability and transparency at privately-managed charter schools for years. 

CTA proudly represents thousands of charter school educators and is working with many others who want to join with us in standing up for students and accountability. When the charter law was passed in California in 1992, no one ever intended it to be a playground for billionaires who want to profit off students and push their agenda on the rest of us.

We’ve sponsored legislation and won massive victories. Visit our Charter School page to learn more

Follow the action on social media with #KidsNotProfits 

New Report: California is Overpaying Online Charter Schools

California is wasting more than $600 million dollars a year funding privately operated online charter schools at a level far above their costs.

A report by In the Public Interest details how California is overpaying for these online charter schools that are also failing students.

Highlights from the report: 

  • California is overpaying for nonclassroom-based charter schools by over $600 million per year.
  • Californians pay approximately $10,300 for every student who attends one of Pearson’s Connections Academy online charter schools. Yet, the tuition for enrolling in the private Pearson Online Academy is about half of that.
  • The educational outcomes of online charter schools are significantly below the state average, by every measure.
  • Online charter schools have expanded to the point that in most counties, there are at least six different online charter schools to choose from.

New Report: California is wasting over $600 million a year on nonclassroom-based charter schools, including online charter schools run by for-profit corporations like K12 Inc. and Pearson. Learn more about @pubinterest’s report at