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This CTA TV Is About How AB1505 And AB1507 Are Charter School Reforms We Need To Pass Now

(Newspapers stack up. Featured headlines:
“Celerity charter school founder who misspent $3.2 million gets 30 months in prison”
- Los Angeles Times
“How a couple worked charter school regulations to make millions”
- Los Angeles Times)

The latest charter school scandals are piling up.

(Pull-out and isolate headline:
“$50 million in state funds reportedly stolen in charter school scheme”
- ABC 10 News)

Leaders of one San Diego charter network? Indicted for conspiracy and grand theft.

(State Capitol background
Pull-out cover of report: The Governor’s Charter School Policy Task Force Report)

Thankfully, The Governor’s Charter School Policy Task Force just made important recommendations for reform:

(Student raising hand in classroom, kids in science classroom
On screen text:
• Increased accountability
• Charter School Fiscal Impact)

More accountability on charter school spending

(Kids in classrooms B-roll
On screen text:
• More local control for authorizing and reviewing charters)

And giving local school districts more control over the authorization of charter schools.

(Pull-out bills:
AB 1505
AB 1507)

Reforms we need to pass now.

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