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What sets Dr. Phe X Bach apart as an educator — specifically as a chemistry teacher in the San Juan Unified School District since 2002 — is his ability and willingness to instill mindfulness into his teaching practice and to create programming around mindfulness to benefit his students, colleagues and the AAPI community.

Dr. Bach starts his classes with a 5-minute meditation — a “vacation for your mind” — and discussion before jumping into academic work. He points to studies that find mindfulness as key to many students’ success in school. He has created and led professional development training around concepts of mindful leadership and mindfulness in the classroom, and he has founded several organizations that teach mindfulness to various AAPI communities.

Dr. Bach worked on social emotional learning before it became an educational buzzword because his philosophy and approach as an educator and an advocate is grounded in mindfulness. The pandemic and other recent events have underscored the need for mindfulness as a foundational piece of educational equity. His goal is to help educators become healthier and better teachers, which in turn benefits their students.

With his work focusing on bringing effective and usable strategies directly to students and educators, he is keenly aware that often students with the highest needs for these resources have the least access. He recognizes and advocates for the mental health of educators as a key component to effective teaching and positive school environments. His mantra to his workshop participants is “You cannot give what you do not have.”

He explains, “All the peace in the world starts with inner peace, so [I want] them to cultivate that inner peace — the awareness, understanding and compassion.”

Watch Dr. Phe X Bach’s short video here. Read about the other Human Rights Award winners here.

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  1. Phromlak Sakpichaimongkol says...

    Congratulations Professor Phe Bach:) Bravo!! Keep up your great work.

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