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A Social Justice Toolkit

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  Leader Resource Center · Chapter Operations

As a Local Association President (LAP) you have a lot to keep up with, but we can help. There’s information for leaders and local Secretary-Treasurers.


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Toolbox Section 1
1.1 Know Yourself
1.2 Know Your Role
1.3 Know the Rules
1.4 Preparing for Your Presidency

Toolbox Section 2
2.1 Planning, Acting, Evaluating
2.2 Involving Members
2.3 Delegating For Success
2.4 Preparing and Conducting Mtg
2.5 Communications & Messaging
2.6 Managing

Toolbox Section 3
3.2 The Executive Board
3.4 Committees and Teams

Toolbox Section 4
4.1 Community Outreach
4.2 Governmental Relations
4.3 Human Rights
4.4 Instruction Professional Dev
4.5 Member Benefits
4.6 C4OB

CTA Budget
pdf CTA Budget 2017-2018
link CTA Budget 2017-2018 - Pie Chart
pdf Budget Committee Calendar
pdf Budget Forum Form
pdf Strategic Budget Survey

Local Affiliate Treasurer Resources

The Treasurer’s duties include the fiduciary responsibility to insure that proper internal controls are in place. Internal controls refer to a system of financial checks and balances designed to provide accurate data and protect the financial resources of an organization.

link Affiliate Treasurer Introduction/Responsibilities
pdf Treasurer's Handbook: View online
link Treasurer's Handbook: Order paper copy

Treasurer's Resources
pdf Agency Fee Locals with Budgets of $50,000 or More
pdf Agency Fee Locals with Budgets Under $50,000
pdf Chapter Presidents - Fiduciary Responsibilities
pdf CTA Annual Report 2015-2016 | CTA Year in Review 2015-2016
pdf Fair Share (Agency Fee) Calculation
pdf Financial Reports Required by PERB - Non- Agency Fee
pdf Financial Reports Required by PERB - Agency Fee
excel Financial Reports Required by PERB - Sample Template Spreadsheets in Excel
pdf Group Exemption List
pdf IRS Auto Mileage Change letter
pdf IRS and FTB Information Returns are due by January 15, 2018
pdf Member Expense Statement Form
pdf Member Expense Statement Attachment – Report of Missing Receipt
pdf Member Expense Statement Form - for travel on or after 1/1/18
pdf PAC Reporting Case Study
pdf Political Action Committee – Bank Account Information
pdf Political Action Committee – Annual Filing Fee
pdf Political Action Committee – Local PAC Filing Schedule
for 11/7/17 election cycle
link Sample Policies
pdf School Board Event Report Form
pdf Treasurer's Handbook 2017-18
word Treasurer's Workshop Schedule 2017-18
pdf Dues Calculation 2017-18
pdf Accounting & Reporting Handbook for CTA/NEA-Retired

Chapter Requirements
pdf Original Election Challenge Form
pdf Official CTA Appeal Form
pdf Elections Manual
pdf Chapter Election Procedures Requirements
pdf CTA Election Manual & Chapter Election Procedures Requirements
word Requirements for Bylaws
pdf Requirements for Bylaws A
pdf Requirements for Bylaws B

Chapter Trainings
word Communications 101 A roadmap to create a local chapter communications plan to impact both internal (members) and external (public) audiences. Includes a local self-assessment, “how-tos” on everything from creating a committee to organizing PR events plus CTA resources on producing local newsletters, community engagement and social media.

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