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2019 Human Rights Awards


Nomination form View the 2019 Human Rights Award Recipients

Purpose of the Program

The CTA Human Rights Awards Program was adopted by the CTA State Council of Education in October, 1984, and was further augmented to include eight new categories of awards in the ensuing years. The goal of the Awards Program is to promote the development of programs for the advancement and protection of human and civil rights within the Association.

Nomination Categories

Human Rights Awards are given annually to CTA Chapters, Service Center Councils, and Members in the following categories: 

CTA Chapter/Service Center Council Categories

  • CTA Chapter Human Rights Award*
  • CTA Service Center Council Human Rights Award*
    *Nominations must be made in the name of the Chapter and/or Service Center Council only 

Individual Member Award Categories

  • American Indian/Alaska Native Human Rights Award in Honor of Jim Clark
  • César Chávez “Si Se Puede” Human Rights Award
  • CTA Member Human Rights Award
  • CTA Peace and Justice Human Rights Award
  • Human Rights Award in Honor of Lois Tinson
  • Leadership in Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Award in Honor of Nancy Bailey
  • Pacific Asian American Human Rights Award
  • Physically/Mentally Challenged Students’ Issues Human Rights Award
  • Women’s Issues Human Rights Award


CTA Chapter/Service Center Council Award Criteria

Awards are presented to CTA Chapter or Service Center Council nominees that meet several of the following criteria either through work, contributions, or programs within the Association or on its behalf.

  • Helped protect and advance the human and civil rights of educators and students
  • Designed and implemented project(s) to inform the membership about the meaning of human and civil rights and how they can be protected or are abridged
  • Designed and initiated plans which identify and encourage the use of effective teaching materials reflecting the value of diversity
  • Promoted human rights training and programs
  • Worked to eradicate discrimination within the profession
  • Promoted equal educational opportunity and access for all students
  • Worked to improve inter-group relations
  • Worked to reduce violence and promote peace
  • Worked to eliminate hate motivated incidents and/or harassment
  • Worked to gain a greater voice for all in Association policy and decision-making
  • Helped to eliminate stereotyping in the curriculum, in the schools, or in the community
  • Established or improved an effective Human Rights Program
  • Worked to educate others about extremists who threaten the human and civil rights of others
  • Worked to promote educational opportunity for physically and/or mentally challenged students
  • Worked to build more effective family, school and community partnerships

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