Reclaiming Recess

Playing & exercising on campus: Recess is making a comeback

Test prep and test-taking cut into recess. But play during schooltime improves students' academic performance - and their behavior, too.

LARP offers an inclusive fantasy world - and life lessons

Being involved in Live Action Role-Playing - or LARP - gives students, who may not fit in on campus, a newfound sense of belonging and uniqueness.

Stop the targeted violence of educators in Oaxaca

CTA and President Eric Heins submit a letter to Mexican President demanding an end to violence against educators.
CEHCP qualifies

CEHCP qualifies for ballot! Measure will help CA students

Passing the Children's Education & Health Care Protection Act - Prop. 55 - in November will extend Prop. 30 and prevent severe cuts to education.



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Prop. 55

We can prevent $4 billion in cuts to schools by voting YES on Prop. 55

Proposition 55: The Children's Education & Health Care Protection Act

We risk going back to massive teacher layoffs, slashed music & art programs, overcrowded classrooms and community college tuition hikes unless we maintain tax rates on the wealthiest Californians. In November, vote YES on Proposition 55.

Blanket Project

Blanket Project supports citizens with HIV/AIDS in Kern County

32 blankets courtesy of CTA's Sierra Service Center Council

Teachers and students spent several months making blankets for citizens with HIV/AIDS during Kern Co. AIDS Compassion Week. Pictured: Kern Co. AIDS Compassion Week Chair Audrey Chavez and CTA members Miriam Matos-Brown & Karen Schuett.

NEA ATA merger

This year: Golden anniversary of NEA & ATA's historic merger

NEA is making the anniversary a theme at this year's Representative Assembly

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the historic merger of the National Education Association and the American Teachers Association in 1966. The merger strengthened the encompassing commitment to public education and to students.


CTA seeks your response in survey on 'alternate discipline'

CTA's Strategic Plan relating to social justice, equity & diversity encourages developing "alternative discipline" practices in school districts statewide

AB 420 - which maintains a teacher's ability to suspend students per Ed Code 48900, while eliminating a district's authority to expel or suspend kids for "disruption and willful defiance" - ends in 2018 unless subsequent legislation is enacted.

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