Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Mideast Historian Ibrahim Al-Marashi a hit with students

Muslim scholar teaches Middle East history to standing room only classes at CSU San Marcos. Goal in part: dispelling the myths that surround Islam.

Priced Out: Housing costs outpace educators' salaries

Educators are being pushed out of the housing market in an increasing number of cities, resulting in the inability to attract/retain quality teachers.

'McFarland USA' portrays unlikely cross-country champs

Actor Kevin Costner in the fields, reliving the real McFarland High School coach's efforts to understand his runners and get them to practice on time.
US Supreme Court

Unions file respondents' brief in detrimental Friedrichs suit

CTA, NEA and other unions file response in Friedrichs v. CTA - a United States Supreme Court case that threatens working families.



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Athletic Grant

Athletic Grant applications available now!

Do you need uniforms, equipment or funds to get students to sporting events?

You can apply for one of California Casualty’s Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grants for public schools’ athletics programs. Deadline is Jan. 15, 2016. Good luck! Also, check below to learn about exclusive auto & insurance programs with Cal Casualty.


Stop Koch Brothers-backed group from attacking working people

Stop the right-wing, one percenters from stripping us of our voice!

A group called Center for Individual Rights is trying to make it harder for teachers and other public service workers to have a voice in fighting for decent benefits and wages. Tell the CIR to STOP attacking working people and their unions.

CFA Fight for Five

More than 94% of CFA members say YES in strike authorization vote

1,000+ protesters rallied at the chancellor's office in Long Beach on Nov. 17

California Faculty Association members voted overwhelmingly to authorize CFA leaders to call a strike, if necessary. CFA wants a 5 percent faculty salary increase, but management won't budge from its offer of 2 percent in 2nd year of the contract.


Educators wanted: Hand score the CAASPP this spring

Training and certification provided; pay rate for scoring is $20/hour.

Educational Testing Service seeks educators to hand score California’s Smarter Balanced Online Summative Assessments for spring 2016. Hand scoring is an excellent way for educators to become familiar with this new generation of student assessments.

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