Maya Walker

Educator speaks as U.S. Supreme Court hears Friedrichs v. CTA

The detrimental Friedrichs lawsuit that would hurt working families was heard before highest court in the land on January 11.
Eric Heins

CTA President reflects on Friedrichs v. CTA court experience

"A really intense experience," is how CTA President Eric Heins described the U.S. Supreme Court case that could silence workers' voices.
Matthew Smith

Innovation: Cutting-edge high school shows how it's done

Music teacher Matthew Smith is among the educators at "the school of the future" who uses new technologies to help prepare kids for a life of success.
Cecilia Timek

Special Educator Focuses on Abilities Not Disabilities

Schools are slowly making a cultural shift beyond merely "including" students with special needs in mainstream classrooms.



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Kevin Wehr

Likely start date set for first state-wide strike at CSU

Left: Kevin Wehr, sociology professor and CFA bargaining team chair

After two years of fruitless negotiations aimed at making faculty and students a top budget priority, the California Faculty Association has called its first statewide strike to begin in mid-April for five days.

Dirty Water

Lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Michigan - You can help

Flint, MI water tainted with lead; causing harm to children/families

Those wishing to help are asked to send tax-deductible charitable donations to a 501(c)3. Note "Flint" on the check and send to: MEA Classroom Support Fund, Michigan Education Assn., P.O. Box 2573, 1350 E. Kendale Blvd., East Lansing, MI 48823.

US Supreme Court

What would Friedrichs decision mean for Supreme Court itself?

Scalia’s putsch at the U.S. Supreme Court

How could the court go from unquestioning acceptance of a long-lived precedent to a situation in which all that remains in doubt is whether that same precedent will be overturned in early June or late June?

Share your Story

Our Voice: How the union helps us to better serve our students

From pre-K through high school and beyond, educators make a difference

Educators make a difference. They inspire, encourage & challenge. They counsel & comfort. They change – & sometimes save – lives. In many cases, the union has helped. Tell your story – and how your union has helped you to better serve your students.

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