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This Association shall be dedicated to the promotion of retirement with dignity, a fair and just retirement income, a comprehensive health care program, and decent, affordable housing through:

a) Promoting social, professional, political, economic status and the general welfare of retirees;
b) Promoting volunteer participation by its members in educational and civic affairs;
c) Promoting united action with local affiliates of CTA/NEA and others devoted to the cause of public education;
d) Promoting united action with others devoted to improving the quality of life of retirees.

  1. Improve communications with our members and members of CTA. 
  • Maintain regular, two way communication between the Association and the Retired Chapters
  • Maintain and Update the Retiree Action Network (RAN) to promote engagement in the political process
  • Provide trainings, improve two-way communication, and monitor the effectiveness of the Service Center Council Liaison Program
  • Continue improving our communication tools: Retiree Advocate Newsletter, Website, Facebook Page, and social media
  1. Expand the opportunities for retired educators to positively influence their general welfare, support public education and engage with their communities. 
  • Provide information to aid our members to achieve optimum quality of life, fulfillment and enjoyment during their retirement years
  • Educate our members and encourage them to be strong advocates for a secure retirement, organizational/union issues and social justice causes, including “Social Security Fairness” (GPO/WEP)
  • Educate and encourage our members to champion community support of public education and those who work in and attend public schools. Emphasize the need for adequate funding of public education (Pre-K to Higher Ed.) and affordable higher education for all
  • Establish Community Engagement Committees and Political Involvement Committees to increase Retired Member participation in activities such as: lobbying, GOTV, running for office, political parties/committees, and civic engagement.
  • Maintain and expand the Intergenerational Mentoring Program with Student CTA and the “New Teacher” Mentoring Program with Active CTA Local Chapters
  • Increase attendance at the Annual CTA/NEA Retirement Issues Conference, especially by “first-time” and minority attendees
  1. Grow and Strengthen the Association. 
  • Increase membership by 1,000 members by August 31, 2021
  • Establish at least one (1) new Retired Chapter in each region by August 31, 2021
  • Continue the CTA/NEA – Retired Membership Development Workgroup (3 meetings by August 31, 2021)
  • Host and present at “Pre-Retirement” Workshops to disseminate information and promote the value of belonging to CTA/NEA-Retired (12 by August 31, 2021)
  • Provide (state-wide and regional) trainings for “Ambassadors” and Membership Chairs (4 trainings by August 31, 2021)