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California Challenge: A Program for Celebrating Diversity

California Challenge Brochure  

Academic Achievement:

In order to create an environment for academic achievement, a wide variety of social issues that impact the classroom must be addressed. This training program is designed to expand knowledge, develop skills and provide instructional strategies and resources in order to create an environment of respect, reduce feelings of isolation and promote a community of caring.


California Challenge was developed in response to the increasingly critical issues surrounding student diversity in our schools. It's purpose is to foster understanding, acceptance and constructive relations among people of many different cultures and language backgrounds. Skills for problem-solving in culturally diverse and sensitive educational environments are presented. Activities for utilizing the diversity of the classroom for enrichment are provided.

This program can be used as professional growth training providing continuing education credit.


This twenty-four (24) hour training series consists of eight (8) three-hour components.

Workshop Components:

Ba Fa, Ba Fa
This fun, interactive cross-cultural game provides participants an opportunity to walk in another's shoes and grow from the experience. You will learn and practice "your" culture while trying to "integrate" in to another, which the changing demographics require us to do daily. Come live and learn.

Understanding Cultural Diversity
Teachers have the role of helping students understand the various aspects of culture and how to live and learn successfully in a multicultural society. This session focuses on concepts and strategies for fostering understanding and constructive relations amongst young people and adults.

Communicating Across Cultures
Students from various cultural backgrounds enter our schools bringing their own language, culture and world view. There are effective techniques that provide a sound learning environment across cultural lines. These strategies will be presented so you and your diverse student groups will be successful.

Culture and Conflict
With increasing diversity in our schools, situations arise daily that highlight our differences, which sometimes can lead to misunderstandings. This session will present problem solving information and strategies that clarify misunderstandings and work towards finding mutually satisfactory resolutions.

Language, Learning and Culture
Language affects the way we view the world and helps to shape our culture. Students' languages and cultures are inextricably linked to their learning processes. As teachers, we must appreciate and understand the complexities of language acquisition and be prepared to deal with the challenges of teaching the English language learner.

Multicultural Classroom, Part I
Design your own multicultural classroom by determining your teaching style, by analyzing your curriculum materials and by examining your students attitudes that affect their predisposition to learning. Discover strategies for creating a truly multicultural classroom.

Multicultural Classroom, Part II
Examine your students' learning styles. Discover cooperative learning strategies. Share and discuss teaching techniques that work in a multicultural setting. This session brings all these ideas together and helps prepare you to "teach multiculturally."

Five Steps to Planning
Follow five simple steps to creating your own multicultural curriculum. This session is the culmination of the previous seven California Challenge workshops and builds upon the knowledge, skills and experiences gained by participating in this training series.


Contact Pat Fuentes of Human Rights Department at (562) 478-1374 or pfuentes@cta.org.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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