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Labor Day 2018

Fists coming together, Labor Day 2018

Labor Day is THE holiday for working people! Labor Day honors the rich heritage, struggles, and achievements of American workers and celebrates the contributions of working people today. Working people created Labor Day in the late 19th century and it became a federal holiday in 1894.

Join your fellow California educators and working people throughout the country to celebrate Labor Day 2018!  

  • Attend a local Labor Day event and celebrate with your union sisters and brothers! Find one near you on the California Labor Federation's website.
  • Talk about unions! If you’re at a cookout or family gathering on Labor Day, consider starting conversations about fair wages, expanding worker protections, equal pay for equal work, and how unions help working people.
    • Did you know a recent study shows that today’s unions lift standards for ALL working people in California? Check out UC Berkeley Labor Center's new report: The Union Effect in California. Then share with your friends and family!
  • Union Strong tunes! Be sure to add these labor-related songs to your playlist.
  • Display your union pride! Download and print our “The Union Makes Us Strong” poster and place in your classroom, office, or a community space.
  • Spread the word! Post and Tweet about #LaborDay2018 and join the national conversation.

Ideas for Labor Day 2018 on social media: 

Enjoy the weekend, brought to you by the labor movement!

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