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American Education Week provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in the lives of California's students. CTA will join NEA to celebrate the 97th American Education Week. This year's theme will be reflected in special observances each day of the 2018 week long celebration:


Monday, November 12: Kickoff Day 

Encourage students, staff and parents to celebrate great public schools.

How you can participate: 

  • Include #AEW2018 in all your kick off tweets.
  • Help us kick off AEW and use our artwork to promote the celebration.
  • Update your Facebook status to highlight the importance of quality public education and thank educators for their dedication and hard work.


Tuesday, November 13: Parents Day 

Invite parents and family members to school for a first-hand look at a typical school day.

How you can participate: 

  • Use #AEW2018 in your Parents Day tweets.
  • Check out and promote our online parent resources
  • Take a look at our parental involvement tips and share your own tips for success.


Wednesday, November 14: Education Support Professionals Day

Wear #RedForED to recognize and celebrate ESPs who meet the needs of the whole student.

How you can participate: 

  • Tweet about ESP Day using #AEW2018. 
  • Wear Red and encourage your colleagues to do so as well.
  • Thank ESPs for their commitment to students. 
  • Update your Facebook status and tweet about an ESP who made a difference in your life. 
  • Use our ESP Day planning guide to put together a memorable event.


Thursday, November 15: Educator for a Day

Encourage elected officials and community leaders to serve as “educators for a day” for a hands-on school experience.

How you can participate: 

  • Encourage Educator for a Day events using #AEW2018.
  • Volunteer at a local public school. 
  • Organize an Educator for a Day event using our online toolkit.


Friday, November 16: Substitute Educators Day

Honor and celebrate educators who are called on to substitute for regular classroom teachers in their absence for their services.

How you can participate:

  • Use #AEW2018 in your Substitute Educator tweets. 
  • Recognize substitute educators at local schools by saying Thank You.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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