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Male VO: It's the oldest advice in the book. "If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is."

Now, along comes Proposition 32. A ballot initiative deliberately written to seem like it will fix a broken system...when, in fact, Prop 32 isn't at all what it seems.

Woman VO: It's really a deceptive proposition stuffed with Special Exemptions for the oil companies, Wall Street, and those secret campaign Super PACS who want to rig the system while the middle-class pays the price.

M: We need real reform that brings real transparency...and gets the secret money out of politics.

W: Leading reform groups like the League of Women Voters and Common Cause all oppose Prop 32.

M: Learn the truth about who's really behind Prop 32 at vote no on 32.org.

W: ...because it's not what it seems.

M: Paid for by No on 32, sponsored by educators, firefighters, school employees, health care providers, police officers and labor organizations opposed to special exemptions from campaign finance rules for corporate special interests. Major funding by California Teachers Association/Issues PAC, California Professional Firefighters Ballot Issues Committee and IE PAC, and SEIU Local 1000 Committees.

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