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Script: Imagining a school without the teachers…is like imagining breathing without oxygen. When an elementary school loses teachers -- it means second and third grade classes go from 20 students to more than 30. When a high school lays off teachers and counselors -- it means students lose access to college. Or when a middle school lays off the art or music instructor, it means students don’t get a well-rounded education. I know just one teacher makes a huge difference in my child's life. So when California's budget crisis forces our schools to cut 40,000 educators that’s more than just a number…it means a dead-end for California’s children on the path to success. Our kids deserve a better solution to this state budget crisis.  Our future depends on it. The California Teachers Association has brought you this message, because we are dedicated to giving EVERY child the opportunity to succeed. 

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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