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Script: Cuts to local public schools are not a threat – they’re a reality right in your neighborhood. March 2nd: San Bernardino school board announces that 272 teachers may be laid off. March 9th: Fresno delivers pink slips to 257 teachers. March 11th: Sacramento schools announce lay-off notices for 2,550 educators and counselors. March 4th: Los Angeles announces 4,500 teachers will have to go. San Diego cuts another 1,000. If we want to improve learning for our children, California cannot keep laying off teachers, counselors, nurses and education support staff. It can’t keep letting class sizes rise, cutting arts and music or making students pay more for college. Our kids deserve a better solution to this state budget crisis.  And our future depends on it. The California Teachers Association has brought you this message, because we are dedicated to giving EVERY child the opportunity to succeed.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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