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Standardized Testing: How to Help Your Child Succeed

A CTA Guide for Parents

Parents play a vital role in helping their children to succeed on standardized tests. You can help make your child's test-taking experience a successful one.

  • Put children at ease by discussing your own experiences with taking tests. If you were nervous or anxious, talk about it. Let them know those feelings are normal.
  • Be aware of the specific days tests will be given. Ask your child how the testing sessions are going. Offer encouragement.
  • Stress the importance of listening to test directions and following them carefully. Provide practice activities at home such as following a recipe or reading and answering questions about a story.
  • Make sure your children go to bed early every night and at the same time every night, especially on the night before testing. Encourage healthy eating, rest, and exercise. Most standardized testing is given over a three- or four-day period. Ask your child's teacher or a schedule and make sure your child attends school on those days.
  • Meet with your child's teachers to discuss the results. If your child had difficulty in specific areas, ask teachers for suggestions in the form of homework assignments, techniques, and specific material.

Remember, your child's score on a standardized test is only one measure of what your child knows. Most schools use multiple measures, including student projects, homework, portfolios, chapter tests, and oral reports.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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