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Connecting Assessment Data to Instructional Planning

The student data from the STAR program and other assessments help answer the question: "What can I do next to improve instruction?" Here are five steps that teachers can take as individuals or in self-selected curriculum work groups:

  • Review assessment reports and other data to develop an understanding of the information and what it means.
  • Compare the concepts and skills that will be tested and augment with those covered by your school's curriculum. If they are different, you will have to do something about the gaps. For example, use new materials or additional lessons.
  • Review assessment results in relation to other academic achievement data (e.g.; grades, class test scores). Identify content areas that show similar and different results.
  • Analyze the similarities and differences between assessment results and other achievement data.
  • Using the analysis of similarities and differences, develop strategies to modify curriculum, instruction, and assessment to improve student learning at your school.


[Adapted from the California Department of Education]

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