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Student Support Services

CTA is vitally concerned with protecting students’ physical, emotional, and mental health by supporting and assisting certificated educators help students acquire the skills they need to become academically and socially successful in school and beyond.

Specialized Health Care Procedures
To protect students’ health and welfare, only personnel defined by the Education Code as trained and qualified -- including credentialed school nurses -- should perform specialized healthcare procedures on students. No certificated or credentialed personnel shall be required to perform catheterization, gavage feeding, and other specialized medical procedures, including giving insulin shots.

Pupil Support Services Team

All districts must have at least one Pupil Support Service Team, consisting of a school nurse, a psychologist, a counselor, a social worker, a speech therapist, a welfare attendance worker and an audiologist, who together will ensure students equal access to needed educational and support services.

Student Nutrition
Good nutrition has a direct effect on a student’s ability to learn. School lunches and “snack” foods and beverages should be of high quality, balanced, and free from harmful chemicals. School service food products should be nutritionally sound, appealing, and affordable.

Learning Support Personnel Student Ratios
CTA believes Learning Support Personnel are essential partners in education and must have manageable caseloads to ensure student success. Students must also have daily access to these vital personnel. To provide this access, CTA believes that schools must have one nurse for every 750 pre-Kindergarten-Grade 6 students and one nurse for each 1000 students in Grades 7-12. Schools must have one nurse for every 100 special education students with medical technology needs.

In addition, schools must have a Credentialed Library Media Teacher and a clerk for every 600 pre-Kindergarten- Grade12 students.

Schools must also have a counselor for every 250 pre-Kindergarten-Grade 12 students, a social worker for every 800 pre-Kindergarten-Grade 12 students, and a psychologist for every 1500 pre-Kindergarten-Grade 12 general education students for assessment purposes; and one (1) psychologist for every 900 pre-Kindergarten-Grade 12 students for assessment and counseling purposes.

(May 2017)

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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