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Higher Education

CTA believes the state’s community colleges, state colleges and universities should make admission decisions that are bias-free and take into account a student’s individual abilities and achievements. No student should be denied access because of funding shortages. Academic freedom must be assured.

Admission Requirements
College admission requirements should reflect the entire academic experience of a student and must be bias-free. Any standardized tests used in admission decisions must be valid and fair to all students regardless of economic, cultural, and/or linguistic differences.

Financial Aid
CTA believes no qualified student should be denied access to higher education programs on economic grounds or because of inadequate state and federal funding.

Matriculation and Remediation
CTA believes in open access to higher education in California and recognizes that some admitted students are not yet fully capable of doing college-level work. Students should receive counseling about needed remediation and provided adequate time to improve their skills. They must have access to for-credit remedial courses.

Full and Part-Time Faculty
CTA believes part-time faculty should only be employed/utilized when an educational program requires specialized training or expertise not available among the full-time faculty and when the need does not justify more than half-time employment. CTA believes that under no circumstances should the number of full-time faculty fall below 75%. CTA deplores using part-time faculty as a way of reducing instructional spending, reducing full-time positions, or increasing district budgets.

CTA believes that part-time faculty should receive pro-rata pay and benefits and should participate in and be compensated for professional activities and faculty development programs. Part-time faculty should have paid office hours; office and storage space; health benefits; and computer and e-mail access. Institutions must extend due process and reassignment rights to part-time faculty.

Higher Education Tenured Faculty
CTA believes tenure helps protect academic freedom, maintains continuity in academic and vocational programs, and helps develop a faculty committed to the long-term success of their institutions.

(May 2017)

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