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Vergara Trial Continues


The Vergara v. state of California superior court trial continues this week.  The lawsuit, funded by corporate reformer philanthropist David Welch, alleges that California laws governing teacher dismissals, due process and layoffs are unconstitutional and should be eliminated.

As we mentioned in last week's issue of Capitol News, the trial will not be confined to just the courtroom.  The plaintiffs have hired a PR firm to help them fight this battle in the court of public opinion.  Remember to write in when you come across news stories or columns that undermine your rights and claim this lawsuit is about protecting students which we know, in fact, is not.

Stay connected to the Vergara trial section of our website to become more familiar with the case and to learn why this meritless lawsuit hurts our students.  This is where you will find the latest information throughout the trial – including news stories.

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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