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Rhee, StudentsFirst Launch More Attacks on Teachers, Public Schools


Legislators "Rhee-ject" CTA-opposed measure
A week after lawmakers soundly defeated two parent trigger bills supported by corporate reformer Michelle Rhee and her StudentsFirst organization, they were back at the state Capitol on April 24th.  This time, they were pressing legislators to undermine effective evaluations of educators and to eliminate experience as a key determinant of teacher quality.
On Wednesday in the Senate Education Committee, the disgraced former chancellor of Washington, D.C. schools and her staff members lobbied lawmakers to approve SB 441, a CTA-opposed evaluation measure by Sen. Ron Calderon (D- Montebello).
Calderon is pushing a bad teacher evaluation bill (SB 441) supported by StudentsFirst. We stopped it this week but Senator Calderon has asked for reconsideration of this bill on Wednesday, May 1 in the Senate Education Committee. This bill would negatively impact you and the students you teach.
Only YOU can kill this bill!  Please contact your senator and urge him/her to VOTE NO on SB 441. It's easy to do! Enroll in our text alert system: text CTA ACTION to 69866 and get the updates on legislation!  Sign up today and you will be alerted on SB 441.  The text alerts will connect you to your legislators automatically.
In a second battle in the Senate Education Committee, lawmakers refused to pass a CTA-opposed SB 453 that would have given school management the right to lay off educators based on seniority, In layoff cases, Sen. Bob Huff (R-Arcadia) was seeking to keep those educators who are "less costly" because their relative lack of experience places them lower on the salary schedule.
The Rhee forces tagged their bill LIFO – using an accounting term that refers to last-in, first-out profit/cost calculations.  The measure would have left students – many facing difficult hurdles – with less-experienced educators to help them.
SB 453 was a StudentFirst's flagship bill, one they have been pushing in many states and talking about in California for more than three years..

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