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Key Points on AB 375 (Buchanan, Padilla)

Bills designed to update and streamline the teacher dismissal process and require all districts to have a policy on mandated reporting of child abuse that is reviewed annually with employees

Background: CTA supports streamlining and expediting the dismissal process to keep students safe, safeguard the integrity of the profession and protect the rights of educators. Under existing law, districts can immediately remove from the classroom any educator accused of immoral conduct or a serious crime, and can keep the accused employee away from students until the facts of the case have been determined. Several school districts such as LAUSD have failed to take appropriate action. AB 375 would update and streamline the teacher dismissal process, saving school districts time and money while at the same time ensuring due process. The bill also removes outdated references in the Education Code, updates other sections consistent with current school calendars, and clarifies the responsibilities of both school districts and teachers with respect to the appeal process. 
Key messages:
• We commend Assembly Member Buchanan for taking the lead on matters impacting California’s educators and the students whom they are entrusted to teach. We appreciate Senator Alex Padilla for joining the efforts as a co-sponsor.
• CTA is concerned with keeping students safe, safeguarding the integrity of the profession, and protecting the rights of educators. CTA supports these bills because they provide immediate protections for students and streamline and shorten the dismissal process to ensure charges are handled fairly and in a timely manner.
• Districts have the power under current law to immediately remove from the classroom educators accused of immoral conduct, but as seen in recent cases, they often fail to act. AB 375 establishes clear and timely procedures for dismissal that reinforce the district’s responsibility, while protecting educators’ professional rights.
• CTA strongly believes school districts should be penalized for not following the law and failing to report serious misconduct to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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