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11 Reasons Why Boston is the Best Location for the NEA RA


By Sam DeMuro, Communications Consultant, Digital Editor

It may be 3,000 miles from California, but Boston is awesome. It also happens to be my hometown, so I'm not biased at all.

1. It is the home of the first public school. EVER.

Boston Latin School is the oldest public school in America, founded on April 23, 1635. No big deal.

2. It’s home to the iconic ducklings.

Every Boston kid knows “Make Way for Ducklings,” and many local teachers utilize it in their classrooms and take their students to see the statues. My parents even made my siblings and I pose next to them for a Christmas card, circa 1994. I’ll spare you that pic.

3. We might not get Mexican food right, but we know how to do Italian.

Good food is important after long days of delegate business and changing the world. Boston’s hiking rent prices haven’t pushed out all the Italians yet. Unlike NYC’s Little Italy, or other Italian neighborhoods across the US, one-third of the North End’s population is of Italian descent. So basically, we know our stuff.

4. Boston has been doing public schools for a long time. Since 1647 in fact.

Boston Public Schools (BPS) is the oldest public school system in the US, founded in 1647! Can’t you just feel all that public school historical energy?

5. Fenway Park.

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, Fenway is a legend and everyone is invited. That is, of course, unless you’re a Yankee fan.

6. Not to brag, but Boston is home to wicked smart people and wicked famous colleges and universities.

We’ve got Harvard, MIT, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, etc. etc. The educators at the RA are only adding to the brainpower of this city.

7. We’re also super ahtsy-fahtsy (artsy-fartsy).

Boston didn’t forget about you, art educators! We’ve got Emerson, Mass Art, Art Institute of Boston, and Berklee, plus a ton of museums.

8. Boston has its own accent and language.

Educators love learning new languages, right? Here’s a list of Boston slang in case you wanna brush up.

9. We have the oldest public park in the US. Since 1634!

And it’s called “The Common.”

10. Boston in July is magical.

Is the weather too humid, rainy or unpredictable for you? Try not to complain about the summer weather to anyone from Boston -- this is one of our good months. 

11. We have the best fireworks ever. 

Hands down!

Have you found some Boston gems during your time at the RA? Use the hashtag #WeAreCTA to share with us!

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