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New Survey Finds Voters Support Tax Extension on Wealthy by Overwhelming Margin

A whopping 64% of all voters support extending the current Prop. 30 income tax levels affecting the top 2% of wealthy Californians. (Graphic courtesy of the PPIC.)

A new poll released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) finds that an overwhelming majority of Californians voters – by a 64-32% margin – support extending the current level of income taxes being levied on the wealthiest 2% of Californians.

The poll, part of the PPIC’s Californians and Their Government survey series, cites voters’ passage of Prop. 30 in 2012 and asks respondents whether they would support extending the high-income tax levels for an additional 12 years.

That is the major element of the California Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act (CEHCP), supported by CTA and a wide coalition of public interest groups.

“Californians continue to reaffirm their support for maintaining the current tax rates on the wealthiest in our state to ensure education and other vital services, including health care, are funded and protected from billions in cuts,” said Jennifer Wonnacott, campaign spokesperson “We all can remember the deep cuts that led to teacher layoffs, larger classes and community college tuition hikes, and can agree that we don’t want to see our students and schools face cuts like that again.”

The PPIC poll noted that even among likely voters, the high-income tax extension leads by a 58%-39% margin.

For more information, read the PPIC Survey Results, and learn more about the initiative aimed at the November ballot at CTA's website and

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