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Pending Bill Would Take Away Educators' Rights and Negatively Impact Students

Corporate millionaires and special interests have mounted an all-out assault on educators by attempting to do away with laws protecting teachers from arbitrary firings, providing transparency in layoff decisions and supporting due process rights.

Because they failed in the courts, they are now trying to push their agenda through lawmakers—an agenda that negatively impacts student learning.

Educators are deeply committed to providing a quality education to each and every one of their students and believe every student has the right to a caring, qualified and committed teacher.

Assembly Member Bonilla’s AB 934 seeks to change current law to do away with the professional rights of educators, eliminate transparency in layoff decisions and do nothing to protect educators from arbitrary firings. No one’s rights should be taken away. Educators have earned professional due process rights, and they need them to be able to advocate freely on behalf of their students.

Having these rights also gives teachers the ability to speak out on behalf of their students over issues like safety, class sizes, and adequate supplies, or to teach about sometimes controversial national and world issues without fear of retribution.

AB 934 seeks to strip teachers of their due process rights. It will not improve student learning and, in fact, it will make it harder to attract and retain quality teachers in our classrooms.

Learn more about the bill at AB 934.  

You can contact your state senator on the bill through CTA's   Legislative Action Center.
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