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Educators Defeat Bill to Weaken Teacher Protections and Harm Students

Getting ready to testify. (From l.) Deborah Behm, Dan Reynolds, and other education community representatives wait for their chance to testify before the Senate Education Committee against CTA-opposed AB 934 (Bonilla).

Dozens of educators who testified convinced the Senate Education Committee on Wednesday morning to defeat a measure that would have undermined educator rights, making it more difficult to attract and retain high quality teachers.

The panel gave only two votes to CTA-opposed AB 934 by Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (D-Concord), effectively killing it in the policy committee.

The measure would have weakened educator rights and protections and extended the probationary period to three years at the very time the state is experiencing a burgeoning teacher shortage. This bill would have only made matters worse.

Sen. Marty Block (at right) expresses to Assembly Member Bonilla his reservations about AB 934. He was one of the majority members of the committee who did not vote for the measure.

CTA Member Chantaine Fauntleroy and dozens of other teachers and parents urge the Senate Education Committee to defeat AB 934.

To help defeat the measure, CTA mobilized members from around the state, who got in touch with Senate Education members. Monday and Tuesday, a group of member lobbyists met with Senate Education panelists and staff members in efforts to defeat the bill.
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