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Acting Gov. Torlakson Proclaims July 26 as "Change Lives -- Be a Teacher Day"

During a legislative reception, Supt. of Public Instruction (l.) touches base with CTA President Eric Heins, an elementary school teacher.

With Gov. Jerry Brown and other state officials higher in the line of succession at the Democratic National Convention, Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson is the state’s acting governor. On Tuesday, he used those temporary powers for an important cause – to declare the day “Change Lives – Be a Teacher Day.”

The proclamation signed by the governor urges “talented, passionate, dedicated and high-quality person[s] who want to make a profound difference in the lives of young people and your community …..California needs you to consider becoming a teacher.”

A high school teacher himself, Supt. Torlakson penned the resolution that declares, “Teaching isn’t just a job. It isn’t just a career. It’s a calling. It’s a commitment to your community, your students, and most of all, a commitment to the future.”

Citing the state’s looming teacher shortage, the superintendent urges interested persons to learn more about becoming a teacher at

Learn more about the teaching shortage at CTA's web site.

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