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Charter Teachers Lobby to Protect Right to Organize

Jason Spadaro, (at left) a high school English teacher, and six other teachers from California Virtual Academy (CAVA), a statewide charter school, speak to Sara Arce, staff for Assembly Member Das Williams, on the importance of charter school teachers having the rights enjoyed by other public school teachers.

CAVA Teachers were in the state Capitol on Wednesday for the first of two days of lobbying lawmakers.  The Association’s 750 teachers have voted overwhelmingly to allow the CTA to represent them, but they have hit resistance from the CAVA management, which has refused to recognize the union.

The CAVA educators have already won a key ruling from the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), which oversees public sector bargaining, that recognizes the union’s rights to negotiate contracts that cover wages, salary, and working conditions, per state law.

Nonetheless, CAVA management has refused to deal with the union in good faith, opting instead to seek legal avenues to avoid working with its unionized teachers.

The educators are bringing problems to the attention of lawmakers, explaining how they are working towards solutions, and asking for support. CAVA teachers told stories about retaliation they face, and why they are standing together to ensure that resources being diverted out of state are redirected back to the classroom.

A number of lawmakers – including Assembly Member Das Williams - have already written to CAVA management in support of the teachers and their union, and the teachers expressed their appreciation.

(Photo by Seth Bramble)

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