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Want youngsters to succeed? Kindergarten is a good place to start!

What more fitting tribute to teachers on the Day of the Teacher than our seeing an educator – our CTA President Dean E. Vogel – doing what teachers do: spending time advocating for children.

The Sacramento Bee’s Wednesday edition – published on the Day of the Teacher – includes an opinion piece by the leader of our 325,000 members calling for support for AB 1444 (Buchanan/Weber), the CTA-sponsored bill that will ensure all youngsters benefit from kindergarten completion before starting first grade.

In the Bee article, President Vogel urges support for the bill because it will help the 5 percent of California’s young kids not attending public or private kindergarten get the vital early education skills provided in that grade.

The CTA leader argues eloquently and powerfully that youngsters who start first grade without first getting “prepped” in kindergarten begin with a disadvantage and it’s hard to catch up as they advance through school.

Take a moment to read the editorial, then click through to the mandatory kindergarten section of the website, where you can learn more about the CTA-sponsored mandatory kindergarten bill and then send your Assembly Member an e-mail in support of it.

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