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Devastating Cuts Reduced Faculty: Recovery Will Take Time

A new report from the Sacramento Bee based on data from the state credentialing agency paints a stark picture of how years of underfunding have decimated California’s teaching ranks.

The Bee finds that from 2008 to 2013, funding cuts reduced the number of new teachers by more than 40%.   The Bee concludes the layoff had a corollary effect on teacher recruitment by discouraging enrollment in teaching programs in the state by about 41%.

This year, funding boosts have allowed districts to hire some 13,000 K-12 teachers. The Bee quotes Mary Vixie Sandy, from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, as saying “the past few years have been very hard economically, and the budget has led to some unfortunate circumstances and reductions.  There is a much more optimistic forecast as school budgets begin to stabilize.”

Read the entire article at New Teachers are Scarce.

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