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Write the Chronicle to Let Readers Know Why Entrepreneur Tuck, the Would-be Superintendent, is Wrong

Marshall Tuck, the entrepreneur who would like to be the state’s education chief, has fired off another attack on our basic rights, rights hit by a recent flawed ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. The ruling, in Vergara v. State of California, attacks teachers’ job protections and due process and seniority rights.


In an opinion piece that is an insult to all of our highly dedicated colleagues, Tuck praises the bad ruling.


Read his divisive opinion column in the San Francisco Chronicle and then send your own letter to the editor using this online Chronicle form.  Do keep your letters within the 200 word limit.


Some points to consider:


Why should Tuck’s opinions really even matter? He has zero classroom teaching experience, his campaign is taking money from billionaires because he supports a takeover of public schools, and he strongly believes in high-stakes testing over learning.


CTA will be appealing the flawed Vergara ruling, which is being criticized by many experts in articles you can read at


The dean of the UC-Irvine School of Law says the ruling is flawed and will be overturned in this column.

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