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Tell the Bee How Prop. 30 Has Made a Difference for Your Students and Classroom

Voters’ passage of Prop. 30 in November 2012 has been channeling billions of new dollars into California’s schools, reversing years of devastating cuts. 

You’ll recall that the promise of its passage led the governor to propose and lawmakers to adopt a budget that protected schools from more than $4 billion in cuts in 2012.

Sacramento Bee Columnist Dan Walters apparently doesn’t see it that way because he wrote this weekend: “Perhaps Brown’s tax hike wasn’t needed after all.”

Read the column and respond by sending a letter to the Bee’s editors.

Let the Bee’s readers know specifically how billions in new dollars – a direct result of the temporary tax increases implemented by Prop. 30 – are making an impact on student success and in your classroom or work site.

Has your school year been lengthened….or the threat of shortened school year been eliminated?

Have layoffs been rescinded and new staff hired?

Have class size increases been blocked and class sizes reduced?

Is your school receiving new money to help implement the ambitious Common Core State Standards?

Are your students benefiting from new materials that were not available before Prop. 30’s approval?

Your personal stories about how things are better at your school because of Prop. 30 revenues will be persuasive…..

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