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Radical Right Has High Hopes for Initiative to Repeal Transgender Student Rights

Despite a survey finding that nearly 60% of transgender students have been bullied at school and almost 30% have attempted suicide, the state’s radical right political wing is championing an initiative that would roll back CTA-backed legislation to help protect these students.

The legislation enacted in 2013, AB 1266 by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), extends to transgender students the right to participate in sports and other school activities in line with their gender identity, rather than their birth gender.

Backers of the currently titled, “Referendum to Overturn Non-Discrimination Requirements for School Programs and Activities” have turned signature petitions over to the Secretary of State’s office, which has until January 8 to complete its random sampling designed to ascertain the veracity of the signatures.

The efforts by the Privacy for All Students coalition to secure passage of the new initiative are widely seen as a way to provide a voting advantage to conservative politicians who will be running for office in 2014.

Strategists believe the battle over the initiative is likely to bring to the polls one-issue voters who will support right-wing candidates who support the measure.

Teachers, counselors, and other educators are concerned that a political battle over the initiative would further victimize transgender students.

Read the text of the pending initiative.

Read more about the politics of the measure in San Francisco Chronicle.

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