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Parents, Students, CTA and Allies Prepare to Launch Defense against Meritless "Vergara" Attack

(Photo above) Joined by parents, students, teachers, and other members and allies, CTA President Dean Vogel stresses that the Vergara v. State of California suit is an outright attack on teachers’ rights in the form of a meritless lawsuit. (Photo by Mike Myslinski)

CTA and its allies held a news conference this morning near the Los Angeles Superior Court where anti-union attorneys have tried to make a case that the professional and due process rights that have been in place for teachers for more than 80 years harm California’s students.

“For the past weeks the plaintiffs have failed to make any legal or logical connection between these laws they want to overturn and real issues important to our students and schools," said CTA President Dean E. Vogel. “This trial is a blatant effort to legislate from the bench instead of involving all the stakeholders who work hard every day to make our neighborhood schools so vital to our students. It’s time to talk more about the real trials that our students face from poverty, a lack of state funding, and overcrowded classrooms.”

The CTA leader and parents, students, teachers, and other allies – including a Pasadena “Teacher of the Year” -- accused as ineffective by plaintiffs by attorneys funded by Silicon Valley magnate David Welch – are preparing to make their case, now that “plaintiffs’ attorneys” have rested.

Martha Sanchez, a parent in the Los Angeles Unified School District, said teachers need rights. “I worked with my children's teachers to close down a polluting factory near their school. Those teachers were able to advocate forcefully and effectively for my children and the other students only because they knew they had rights that protected them against losing their jobs when they came under pressure opposing their efforts.”

Read more about the today’s news conference in the CTA News Room.

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