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Close up: Wealthy Technology Czar Bankrolls Attack on Due-process Rights

A new article from the Huffington Post helps bring out of the shadows the Silicon Valley millionaire who is behind the latest legal assault on the time-tested processes that protect students and public schools from nepotism, favoritism, and cronyism.

The Post focuses on David Welch, the Silicon Valley electrical engineer who founded Infinera, a company working in fiber optics. It is Welch who hired top-dollar legal and public relations talent to help him win the notorious Vergara v. State of California lawsuit.

The lawsuit threatens due-process procedures that require districts to prove – not just assert – that an educator is not performing.

The proponents proclaim it is all about “students,” but the Huffington Post piece makes it clear that it is the wealthy donor, Welch, who is behind the nonprofit “Students Matter” organization that is pushing the lawsuit.

“Of course, those nine kids aren't really bringing the lawsuit; a wealthy donor is, in effect,” writes David Callahan in the Post. “A nonprofit called Students Matter has orchestrated the suit, and that group in turn was created by a successful tech entrepreneur named David Welch. He founded Students Matter in 2010 and hired the top tier legal team bringing the suit, which is co-led by Theodore Olson -- who was George W. Bush's Solicitor General.”

Read more about Welch and the suit at Huffington Post and at CTA Issues and Action  and share the information with your friends and colleagues.

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