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Urge Legislators to Help Reduce Student Absences, Truancies

You can help fight absenteeism and truancy by contacting your state Senator and asking her or him to vote for AB 1866, by Assembly Member Raul Bocanegra (D-Pacoima).  Use the Contact Your Legislator link at to identify your Senator and send an email in support of the measure.


AB 1866 will help reduce student truancy and absenteeism by creating the state’s first system for collecting and reporting student attendance data. The bill is part of a five-measure package of legislation sponsored by California Attorney General Kamala Harris to address state policy on student attendance.


“CTA believes regular attendance is vital to student success,” said CTA President and kindergarten teacher Dean E. Vogel. “AB 1866 provides a good opportunity for our state to address a factor that has been impacting student achievement for years. We are pleased to support this bill sponsored by Attorney General Harris.” (Read the full text of CTA’s news release on the bill.)


Specifically, AB 1866 requires the state to include in its reports to local school districts and county offices of education precise and longitudinal statewide records of student absence, chronic absenteeism, truancy, and chronic truancy. The bill also requires the state to provide information about the numbers of students in each category. California is one of only four states that does not collect such data at the state level.


AB 1866 is awaiting action on the state Senate floor.

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