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CTA Hosts Meeting of Community of Practice, Advocates for Youth with Disabilities

(Photo below)  At right, Ed Amundson, the CTA Liaison to the California Community of Practice (COP), a coalition advocating on behalf of youth with disabilities and their families, arranged for the organization to hold its August 13 meeting at the CTA Governmental Relations Office in Sacramento.


The group, which began with about 50 members in 2010, has grown to more than 550. Its leadership team consists of 20 key stakeholder leaders from across the state representing youth, parents, school districts, adult service agencies and other state agencies.

CCOP has as its mission to improve the transition for youngsters and their families, with a particular focus on helping students in secondary grades secure employment, education, training, and independent living status, irrespective of their disabilities.

The member organizations, including CTA, share information, identify communication strategies, and coordinate efforts for the benefit of these youngsters and their families.

COP is planning for its Secondary Transition Institute, “Build a Bridge to the Future,” which is scheduled for December 2-4.

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