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Bay Area Educators Seek Legislative Support for Keeping Students Safe and Prepared

(Photo above) Center – Ann Katzburg, from San Ramon, and a team of educators discuss AB 215 with its author, Assembly Education Chair Buchanan during a Tuesday morning meeting. This team and other teams met with more than a dozen lawmakers with a focus on the two important CTA-backed bills.

Two dozen teachers and other school personnel from Alcosta Service Center ventured to the state Capitol on Tuesday, April 22, to talk with their legislators about two crucial issues: protecting the safety of students and ensuring that the youngest students are properly prepared to succeed in school and life.

The educators focused their efforts on two measures.  The first is CTA-supported AB 215, by Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo), which aims to expedite the discipline process for certificated personnel charged with egregious misconduct, including drug sale and sexual misconduct with minors.  

The second is AB 1444, the CTA-sponsored bill by Assembly Education Chair Buchanan and Assembly Member Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), which would ensure that all youngsters benefit from kindergarten prior to starting first grade. Currently, kindergarten attendance is voluntary, and about 10% of parents fail to enroll their children.  As a result, these youngsters are at a distinct advantage when they enter first grade.

A disproportionate number of youngsters living in poverty and children of color are among the “missing” 10%.

(At center) Carleen Maselli of Bencia and a team of educators talk to a member of the staff of Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (D-Concord) in support of AB 215 and AB 1444.

Kristen Berg, an educator in the San Ramon Valley, takes notes during an early morning briefing from CTA staff on the details of the Association-backed legislation.

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