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Capitol News: CTA, Legislative Analyst Express Concerns about Governor's Adult Education Proposal

CTA shares some of the concerns of the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) about Governor Brown's adult education proposal widthin the budget trailer bill. The governor's plan would reshape the relationship between the state's adult education programs and K-12 public schools and the community colleges.

In the 2013-14 Budget Overview, the LAO said there are some concerns width the governor's plan to consolidate adult education widthin the California Community Colleges system (CCC). "Community colleges vary significantly in terms of the extent to which they consider adult education to be part of their educational mission. As such, some CCC districts might not be prepared to assume responsibility for adult education programs," states the report.

CTA believes shifting adult education to community colleges would cause problems width access and affordability. Fewer parents and other adults would have access to adult education programs and some would not be able to afford the community college fees.

In addition, CTA is concerned the proposals may not get the full policy discussion they deserve because they are elements of the governor's budget, instead of provisions of a bill on the subject. CTA is demanding that lawmakers hold a full hearing on all provisions of the Governor's new education funding formula and particularly all changes to adult education.

Lawmakers are expected to look at the plan as part of upcoming budget hearings in both Senate and Assembly fiscal committees. CTA will testify.

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