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Supt. Torlakson, Assembly Member Bonilla Outline Ambitious Plan to Improve Student Assessment

Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson (pictured above) and Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (D- Concord) unveiled a plan to bring the state’s student assessment system in line width the new common core state standards.  The package has more than 12 short-and long-term recommendations that would apply technology to the testing process and speed assessment results to teachers in  time to use the data to help their students excel.

The plan is extremely ambitious. It reflects an incredible amount of resources and work that must be done to implement the common core state standards and develop the new  comprehensive assessment program.

Teachers are pleased the efforts aim to eliminate unnecessary testing as a way of providing more instructional time.  In fact, as part of the implementation process, the proposal includes suspending all non-federally mandated student testing in 2013-2014, including the second-grade STAR exam.

The newest efforts build on the common core standards and aim to measure student progress toward achieving them.  CTA supports comprehensive assessments of students based on the recently adopted common core standards, as well as the elimination of duplicative, non-federally mandated testing that robs students of instructional time.

The new assessments will seek to measure students’  understanding of and ability to use these important educational concepts  detailed in the common core.

Read more about the plan at State Superintendent Tom  Torlakson Proposes New Statewide Testing System .

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