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CTA supports the MAP test boycott

Teachers at Garfield High School and other Seattle Public Schools have gained national attention and support for their stand against the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test for its invalidity, waste of time and resources and its scandalous arrival to Seattle. We have demonstrated our support to Garfield and the other schools by sending a letter on behalf of our 325,000 members last month.

In California, we share many of the same concerns about tests used as an evaluation tool when they do not line up width state standards or district curriculum and are not designed at all to measure teacher quality. We also share the deep concerns about the overemphasis on standardized tests as an indicator of student achievement.

TODAY is the National Day of Action to Support Seattle MAP Test Boycott. CTA will be joining NEA and the other organizations and individuals whom have expressed their support. We encourage you to join us in taking action to Scrap the Map. As educators we know what's best for our students and that's why we support our fellow educators in Seattle in calling for well-designed assessment tools that can help students evaluate their own strengths and needs and help teachers improve. Off-the-shelf assessments that are not aligned width the curriculum or goals of the schools are not the answer.

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