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“Rhee-jected”: Panel Refuses to Pass StudentsFirst-Supported Anti-experience Bill

StudentsFirst, the group started by Michelle Rhee, the disgraced former chancellor of Washington D.C. schools, came up against a harsh reality in the state Capitol Wednesday morning when the Senate Education Committee refused to approve its flagship legislation.

The panel gave just two votes to SB 453, a CTA-opposed measure by Sen. Bob Huff (R-Arcadia) that would allow districts to lay off their most experienced teachers when funding shortfalls result in personnel reductions.

Sen. Huff argued that the measure would eliminate what Rhee forces have termed “last in, first out” personnel layoff procedures.

CTA advocates and others opposing the bill testified that the measure would lead to the laying off of districts’ most experienced teachers and confuse reductions-in-force width issues relating to teacher evaluation.

For schools, the larger issue is securing adequate funding so that layoffs of any instructional personnel are not needed.

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