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NEA RA: Diary of a first-time delegate - Day 2

Entering my first NEA RA by Reagan Duncan

The crowd surges forward, the music is pumping, and teachers are dancing in the! I'm struck by the sheer number of teachers, of NEA and state delegates, giving up their time to be here and participate in this oportuntinity to make true use of the democratic process afforded to us as citizens of the US. I'm overwhelmed by the passion of these people in this room and oh so very proud to be considered one of them! I seek out my wonderfully sweet state contacts, a couple from Minnisota, and happily exchange tracking papers and gifts. Soon confetti showers down from the ceiling as the NEA RA begins. It's an overwhelming experience that I wish every teacher back at my home school could witness! The room is electric and I'm just a willing and ready conduit, taking it all in!

As business begins I am still just in awe of all that I see. I did finally come to my senses, listen, take notes and vote. I'm almost sad that I'll never have another first day. This first experience has just been so exciting and moving! Democracy in action!

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