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L.A. School Board Member: Transform Evaluations - Approve AB 5

An influential member of the Los Angeles Unified School District has added his voice to those, including the California Teachers Association's, calling on lawmakers to approve AB 5, a comprehensive reform of the 40-year-old Stull Act that governs the evaluation of teachers.

LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer has written a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown expressing his support for the bill by Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes that would provide "transformational change" that Los Angeles' students need.

Writes the Board Member: "Each and every Los Angeles student deserves a system that measures teaching and learning in dynamic ways that honor their multiple intelligences. And every teacher who has dedicated their life to educating our next generation deserves a new system that improves the profession and respects their lifework. AB 5 sets the framework for this to happen across our state."

The full text of the two page letter is below.



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