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Capitol News: Political Pranks

The Legislature is embarking on an unprecedented move which is turning into the conflict of the calendars. While the Assembly is finishing up their business width meetings next week, they will adjourn at the close of business on July 3. The Senate has decided not to recess until the close of business on July 12. Not only is the Senate staying open longer but they are determined to have a multitude of committee hearings on Assembly bills, forcing numerous Assembly Members to stay in the triple digit heat of Sacramento. However, this also means that the Assembly will return one week earlier than the Senate and can do the same to their colleagues in the other house.
It is typical for both houses of the Legislature to begin political posturing and fighting amongst each other during the final few weeks of session in August, but they have decided to turn up the heat early this year.
Capitol News will also be on recess and will resume publication in August. For more information, view the legislative calendar.

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