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Take Action: Commit to Student Success

Betsy DeVos

The recent nomination of Betsy DeVos as U.S. secretary of education is a step in a dangerous direction. DeVos is an anti-public education activist who has spent two decades trying to dismantle the American public school system. In so doing, she has harmed our students.

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Parents, Educators Walk in Thurs. to Reclaim Schools and Promote Proposition 55

Parents and teachers at Gardner Elementary in Los Angeles were among thousands statewide who demonstrated Thursday morning in support of public education and Proposition 55, which will prevent more than $4 billion in cuts to schools. Around California and the nation on Thursday, hundreds of thousands of parents, educators, and community members were “walking into” their local schools as a way of urging more support for students and public education.

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Children's Education and Health Care Protection Act Has a Number: 55

The CTA and coalition-sponsored initiative to help protect youngsters’ education and health care programs now has a number. It’s Proposition 55 on the Novembr 7 ballot.

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