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Active and Retired Educators Urge Lawmakers to Help Shore Up CalSTRS

(From r.) Maggie Ellis, an elementary educator from Elk Grove and chair of CTA State Council’s Retirement Committee, stresses to members of the Senate Public Employment and Retirement Committee that a secure retirement is critical to attracting and keeping quality teachers in the profession. Ellis and Paula Weiss, a retired educator, reminded lawmakers that the CalSTRS shortfall didn’t occur overnight and can’t be addressed overnight.

Two dozen retired and active educators are spending Wednesday in the state Capitol pressing their legislators to take the steps necessary to ensure the stability of the State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) into the future.

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CTA, EdVoice Back New Measure to Keep Students Safe

CTA and EdVoice are supporting a new legislation by Assembly Education Chair Joan Buchanan (D-Alamo) that is designed to ensure student safety while protecting the due-process rights of educators.

The introduction of AB 215 follows three years of efforts to streamline the certificated employee discipline and dismissal process to help protect students.

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Sacramento and Delta Educators Urge Lawmakers to Vote for Schools

(Photo above from l.) Sen. Kathleen Galgiani (D-Stockton) listens intently as John Anderson and other members of a half-dozen member team from her area talk about the importance of kindergarten in helping students – particularly those living below the poverty level and those learning English, as well as youngsters of color – master the skills that will help them succeed throughout the academic careers.


Educators from a wide area around Sacramento  – some from the Delta Service Center and others from the Capital Service Center – came to the state Capitol on Tuesday to speak with their local lawmakers.

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CTA Joins Nation in Honoring Human Rights Leader César Chávez Today

Today the nation pauses to honor César Chávez, the human rights leader who battled for human dignity and social justice for all.

At CTA’s quarterly State Council of Education meeting this weekend, CTA President Dean Vogel, an elementary educator, and a thousand educators paid tribute to the co-founder of the United Farm Workers.

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Assembly Education Approves CTA-cosponsored Employment Equity Measure

From l., Michael Martinez, a program coordinator for Migrant Education in the Butte County Office of Education, and Jacob George, an educator in Lassen County and president of the Lassen County Special Teachers Association, provide compelling testimony in support of CTA-cosponsored legislation.

Certificated employees of small school districts and county offices of education are one step closer to gaining fair treatment, thanks to the Assembly Education Committee’s 4-1 passage of a CTA-cosponsored measure.

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Panel to Hear CTA-cosponsored Measure to Provide Equal Treatment to Small District Rural Employees

Shouldn’t all school employees be treated equally and fairly, no matter where they work?  CTA-cosponsored AB 1619, by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), answers that question with a resounding “yes.”

The measure shores up existing law to prevent some districts and county offices – including small and rural ones – from refusing to award permanent status to employees, in some cases after decades of service to pupils.

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Panel Approves CTA-cosponsored Family Leave Expansion Bill

Photo above - (At right at table) CTA Legislative Advocate Seth Bramble testifies in favor of AB 1562, the CTA-cosponsored measure by Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez (D- Los Angeles), during a Wednesday afternoon legislative hearing. (Photos by Len Feldman)

Members of the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee on Wednesday  approved AB 1562, a CTA-cosponsored measure to ensure that all educational employees are eligible to take family leave under the California Family Rights Act.

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CTA Urges Lawmakers to Protect Retirements and School Funding

(Photo above) Maggie Ellis (c.), an Elk Grove educator who chairs the retirement committee of the CTA State Council, CTA Board Member Toby Boyd, a kindergarten teacher, and Legislative Advocate Jennifer Baker discuss retirement issues with Assembly Member Rob Bonta  (D- Oakland ), who co-chaired the committee meeting. (Photos by Len Feldman)

CTA representatives testified before a second Joint Informational Hearing of the Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee and the Senate Public Employment and Retirement Committee on Wednesday about maintaining the stability of the State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS).

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CTA Congratulates New Assembly Speaker-elect Toni Atkins; Educators Excited to Join Her in Hard Work for California’s Students and Schools

California Teachers Association President Dean E. Vogel issued this statement following the Assembly’s election of Assembly Member Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) as its new Speaker-elect earlier today:

“We have worked closely with Speaker-elect Toni Atkins since her election to the legislature, and we’re looking forward to continuing our joint efforts on behalf of California’s more than six million students and 325,000 educators."

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From Generation to Generation: Future Farmers Visit Capitol Habitat


(Photo above) Led by two teachers who graduated from their high school a generation before, a group of students from Ernest Righetti High School in Santa Maria learn about CTA’s legislative advocacy on their behalf from CTA staff members (from l.) Debbie Oshige and Seth Bramble during a March 6 briefing in Sacramento.  (Photos by Len Feldman)

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