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Honoring Our Past, Guiding The Future

CTA has been making a positive impact on education for 150 years now. Our victories during that time include the establishment of free public schools for all children, the creation of our higher education system, due process rights for teachers, and class size reduction. We continue to be engaged in and lead the efforts to improve education for all students in this state, now and for the future.

Honoring Our Past

  • 150th Anniversary
    CTA was founded in 1863 as the California Educational Society by state schools superintendent John Swett with fewer than 100 members, all male. What a difference 150 years makes!
  • CTA's Milestones

    Did you know CTA's first legislative achievement established free public schools in California in 1866? Or that in 1867 CTA won public funding for schools that educated non-white students?

  • Collective Bargaining in California

    In 1975, then-Gov Jerry Brown signed the CTA-sponsored Educational Employment Relations Act, or the Rodda Act, to give California public school teachers collective bargaining rights.

  • State Council of Education
    Two extraordinary CTA political victories 17 years apart helped define the union forever as a major player in California politics and a champion of public education. These successful ballot box battles began as they all do, with the direction given by rank and file delegates elected to CTA's State Council of Education.

Guiding The Future

  • Strategic Long-term Planning
    In our latest endeavor to help guide the future, CTA has embarked upon a strategic long-term planning process. The goal of the process is to make sure CTA is positioned in the best possible way to help all students and educators succeed.
  • Institute for Teaching
    CTA's Institute for Teaching is a 501c3 bringing a new, teacher-led approach to school change based on what is working and successful in the classroom.
  • Quality Education Investment Act

    The CTA-sponsored Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) is helping schools that are serving a higher percentage of low income, minority and English learners to close the achievement gap.

  • Teacher Evaluation Framework
    After years of effort, CTA members have created a framework for fair teacher evaluation that puts the emphasis on constructive reform, not punishment. Our framework centers on the underlying principle that the goal of any evaluation system is to strengthen the knowledge, skills and practices of teachers to improve student learning. 

Every child deserves a chance to learn and no child succeeds alone.

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